The salmon lie: how aquaculture is destroying the environment


On festive occasions he likes to be served: salmon. Today, the popular edible fish mostly comes from aquaculture off the coast of Norway. In huge fish farms floating in the sea, millions upon millions of animals are raised on an industrial scale – and commercially marketed as sustainable food. But does this promise hold?

Many consumers believe that if the fish is farmed for consumption rather than taken from the world’s oceans by huge trawlers, ie fishing vessels, without regard for losses, this can only bring benefits to animal welfare. The truth is different and the trawlers still exist.

“Everything is dead around the salmon farms,” ​​says Günther Unfer, an aquatic ecologist at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. In an interview with, he explains why aquaculture is one of the biggest threats to wild salmon, what the caught animals are fed – and which fish to buy if you really want to make a sustainable choice.

Source: Krone


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