New Year attacks – Ukraine shot down 45 Russian kamikaze drones


New Year attacks – Ukraine shot down 45 Russian kamikaze drones

Ukraine has entered the new year accompanied by Russian airstrikes. The Ukrainian Air Force announced on Sunday that 45 Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze combat drones had been shot down. “It was not possible to spoil the celebration for the Ukrainians,” the armed forces statement said.

In a congratulatory message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wished his fellow citizens a Happy New Year and the “Year of our Victory”.

Selenskyj digs into the bitter reality
“Do you want a miracle today? Ukrainians made them a long time ago,” Zelenskyy wrote. He also posted a photo of himself and his wife Olena in front of a modestly decorated Christmas tree. And with a touch of irony and a reference to the repeated Russian attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, he declared: “Do you want light? It is in each of us, even when there is no electricity.” Asked about a desire for adventure and travel, Zelenskyj couldn’t resist digging into the bitter reality of Russia’s offensive war: “The Ukrainians have already gotten too much of it.”

So only one wish remains. “And it will come true, not by a miracle, but by our work, our struggle, our mutual aid, our humanity,” Zelenskyy wrote, concluding his wishes with “Happy New Year! The year of our victory.”

Russia uses the drones under its own name Geran – in German: geranium – to cover up Iranian involvement. Russia and Iran have long been cooperating militarily.

Persistence slogans to the Ukrainian Armed Forces
“The soldiers of the Ukrainian Air Force congratulate their indomitable nation on the New Year 2023! Together to victory!” read the Sunday message. According to military sources in Kiev, Russia also fired 20 rockets into Ukraine on New Year’s Eve, most of which were destroyed. The capital Kiev and other cities in the country were hit. Mayor Vitali Klitschko said one person died and others were injured.

According to numerous reports, Iran had already sent drones to Russia in August, which could be used, for example, for attacks on military objects such as radar systems and artillery, as well as energy infrastructure. A few weeks later, Russian forces repeatedly attacked targets in Ukraine with Iranian Shahed 136 kamikaze drones, causing extensive damage. The EU then imposed additional sanctions on Iran, which was already subject to a number of sanctions.

Putin’s decree of 137,000 extra soldiers in effect
In the meantime, more than ten months after the outbreak of the war, the number of Russian military personnel has increased by 137,000. An accompanying decree on the increase to about 1.15 million contract soldiers and conscripts, ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin in August, officially took effect on Sunday. According to this, the army strength should total more than two million people. The rest of the military personnel are civilian personnel, including some administrative employees.

Source: Krone


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