Next to dumpsters – small rodents exposed in the highway parking lot


Two cute little degus were just dropped on the A8 (Innkreisautobahn) near Murau. The rodent was found in a box right next to the waste container and was picked up by Pfotenhilfe in Lochen.

Around the turn of the year, the owners apparently had enough of the two male animals. But instead of giving them to someone else or leaving them at an animal shelter, the adorable little rodents were simply abandoned. It was found in a box next to the dumpster.

Anger at animal rights activists
The leg helper Lochen took care of the animals. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that the two degus were unwanted Christmas gifts left behind on their way to vacation,” says Pfotenhilfe boss Johanna Stadler angrily. “Unfortunately, year after year, we experience something similar shortly after the holidays. Some people are unteachable and treat animals like garbage.”

Pfotenhilfe asks for information whether anyone observed the act and wrote down the license plate number. Also anonymously via the contact form on In Austria, abandoning animals carries a prison sentence of up to two years.

Source: Krone


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