Snowboarder (18) mows down skiers, flees


An 18-year-old Hungarian had a serious accident on Wednesday on the Kreischberg in Styria. He slipped while riding the lift and “shaved” a total of four skiers off the track (see also video above). Instead of helping the injured, the snowboarder fled.

Around 10:50 am, the 18-year-old used the “Rosenkranz tow lift” with his snowboard in the Kreischberg ski area. He had trouble lifting and the bar slipped out of his legs. He then tried to hold the pendant with both hands and get it between his legs again.

Shortly before the top, at the steepest part of the drag lift, he could no longer hold the bar, fell to the ground and slid down the steep hill. He collided with all elevator users riding behind him.

Four injured – also helicopters in use
A total of four people were injured to an unknown degree in the accident. One person was flown to the hospital in Friesach with the rescue helicopter Christophorus 14. The three other victims went to the hospital on their own.

The 18-year-old left the scene of the accident without providing first aid. He was located a few hours later. The investigations are carried out by the Alpine Service of the Murau District Police Command and the facts of the case are reported to the prosecutor’s office after the investigation is completed.

Source: Krone


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