Short-time working – the airport is plagued by a lack of employees


The crisis-stricken Salzburg Airport is urgently looking for staff: after the end of the two-year short-time work, there is a shortage of workers – from electrical engineers to seasonal workers. “People from the baby boom years have retired, that was not filled,” it reads.

“When we were looking for the best colleagues, we immediately thought of you. Many exciting jobs – also seasonal – are waiting for you!” Salzburg Airport is courting on Facebook these days with these nice lines: The residents of Salzburg are looking for employees again.Two specially planned application days on April 22 and 28 in Terminal 2 must now convince new colleagues.

Consequences of employee freeze
Because the airport has imposed a staff freeze during the pandemic. And that has consequences now, says Alexander Klaus from the airport. “People of the baby boom generation are retired, and they have not been filled.” It is impossible to say how many employees are being sought. There are currently 17 job openings on the airport’s website alone. From electrical engineers, construction project management, ICT students in the field of system technology to aircraft handlers for the coming summer season.

The crisis-stricken Salzburg Airport is showing the first signs of recovery: at the beginning of April, the short-time working that had been in effect for some 330 employees since 2020 came to an end.

Source: Krone


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