Police officer in a coma – 6 police bullets missed the Linz shooter


The Iraqi (42) left a trail of blood through the capital of Upper Austria. First he allegedly stabbed his wife and then shot two young police officers. After an accident in Leonding, he was finally stopped.

Monday morning at 6.45 am, a Romanian (42) in Linz dialed the emergency call of the police with her last strength. Her partner, an Iraqi (41), is said to have rammed a knife into her stomach and back into the shared apartment. The murder weapon was later found in the apartment. The woman’s daughter (11) was a helpless witness. Large-scale manhunt within a radius of 30 kilometers! The victim said his husband was driving a white van. But that’s not true, he was in a rental car, a black VW Passat – and slipped through the search network. The suspect tried to collect his van from the repair shop, but was rejected.

The next alarm clock at 10.20 am, this time at PlusCity in Pasching. According to the police, the jealous man drove to his wife’s workplace after the attack and threatened an alleged rival with two knives. He then fled further: 4.7 kilometers further on the Larnhauserweg the following escalation took place. The Iraqi would have driven the black Passat towards two police officers who were standing on the sidewalk. A uniformed man (26) was caught and seriously injured. He was in a coma Monday night.

Perpetrator grabbed assault rifle
The perpetrator is said to have got out, grabbed the assault rifle and threatened the second officer and passers-by with it. The policewoman (21) lay on the ground and fired a shot with her long rifle. The gunman then ran across the street and threatened several motorists who got stuck in traffic with his gun. Finally he robbed a VW Arteon at gunpoint, dropped the driver and sped back out of town. In Leonding, the suspect caused another traffic accident, rammed a silver Renault Espace at the intersection near Hotel Kremstalerhof and then attempted to kidnap a van.

Police shot the man
The Iraqi is said to have fired an assault rifle in the direction of the hotel. Then it was enough for the police. An officer fired six shots at the gunman with a long rifle, but missed because he was moving too fast. However, the shot did not have the desired effect on the suspect. He put down the stolen weapon, raised his hands and was immediately arrested.

Not a clean slate
According to his own statements, the Iraqi has been in Austria since 2011, has legal residence status, but according to the state police, an asylum application is being processed. Also from a criminal point of view, the Iraqi would be anything but blank slate: he was accused of dangerous threats, coercion and physical abuse, mostly to the detriment of his ex-wife. In 2016, he was sentenced to partial custody. In 2020, he was charged with attempted coercion, but his new wife, who is Romanian, retracted her statement.

The Iraqi, who has been living in social housing center B37 in Linz since a recent eviction notice, is now being investigated for attempted murder and aggravated robbery. The suspect has so far denied all allegations.

Source: Krone


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