Situation escalated – Rage Host is now receiving death threats


The fuss about the racism posting by a Carinthian restaurateur from Millstatt threatens to escalate. Pros and cons collide on the internet. And a hotelier complains: “The politicians are now abandoning us!”

With his announcement on Instagram that he would no longer allow vegans, ecos, hippies and Arabs in his restaurant, pizzeria owner Stefan Lercher unleashed a tsunami on social media. He has been insulted and verbally assaulted in emails and messages for days. Yes, the Millstätter has even been threatened with death.

Enemies want to visit Rage Host
On top of that. In an Instagram message, opponents of the presenter said they wanted to pay him a visit. It says to reserve a table for them. And further: “We are Afghans, Lebanese, Arabs, Kurds, we will arrive tomorrow around 2 pm, get ready Lercher.”

The restorer does not want to take this statement lightly: “I prefer to play it safe and temporarily withdraw my staff. But of course I’ll stay here.”

Readers’ opinion
However, the innkeeper from the Millstätter See is not only confronted with countless negative feedbacks. There are also many who want to strengthen his back. So Josef O. writes in an email: “I like this host, I want to go there.”

and Joachim Sch. from Germany wonders why Lercher actually has to row back: “He has the right of domicile. And if some groups behave like this, it would be high time to show them their limits.” Engelbert W. says in his email: “His inn is not public yet private – he’s right.” And in a statement on, one reader notes, “I can totally understand him and I’d act the same way — just more discreetly.”

Hotelier accuses: “The politicians are currently letting us down!”
The behavior of politicians and professional representatives in the discussion about the racism posting of the Millstätter landlord makes the great businessman and hotelier Wolfgang Hinteregger think: “Pizzeria Peppino has been an issue for days, and our representatives are simply silent, do not take take a stand, don’t say a word, just watch!”

This behavior is extremely strange: “This one host pulls all other Carinthian hosts along with it. We put millions into positive advertising – I wonder for what?”

Hinteregger, who runs hotels with his family on the Katschberg and in Velden, believes that the subject should be discussed at a round table. “If politicians or our professional representatives had reacted, it wouldn’t have escalated so much! You really feel let down there!”

Source: Krone


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