Death toll rises – 17 people killed in protests in Peru


At least 17 people have been killed in clashes between police and demonstrators in southern Peru. The regional health ministry announced on Monday that 68 people were injured in the clashes in Juliaca in the Puno region. A total of 39 people have been killed since protests against the South American country’s leadership began in early December.

The protests were provoked by the impeachment and imprisonment of President Pedro Castillo. He is accused of illegally trying to dissolve parliament to avoid impeachment. Since then, the incumbent president is Dina Boluarte, who previously held the vice presidential position. Castillo’s supporters demand new elections, the release of the politician, the resignation of Boluarte, as well as the dissolution of parliament and constitutional amendments.

Protesters threw stones at the police
Thousands of protesters tried to occupy the airport in Juliaca near Lake Titicaca and a police station, Peru’s Prime Minister Alberto Otarola said. Reuters reporters reported gunfire. There was smoke in the streets. Protesters took cover behind large metal plates and street signs and threw stones at police.

Puno’s health director said some bodies had gunshot wounds. According to the regional health ministry, there are at least two teenagers. In addition, 28 injured police officers were trapped at Juliaca airport and could not be brought to safety.

“Excuse me to keep destroying the cities”
President Boluarte, meeting with representatives of Peru’s regions, said she could not meet some of the main demands of the protesters. “All I had in my hands was to advance the election,” she said. She already suggested that. Boluarte called on the demonstrators to think. “What you are asking is an excuse to continue wreaking havoc in the cities.”

Ex-President Castillo is serving an 18-month prison sentence on charges of rebellion. Castillo denies the accusation.

Source: Krone


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