Child probably suffocated – Q: Three-year-old found lifeless in washing machine


A three-year-old girl has been found dead in her parents’ washing machine in Paris. Rescuers took the child in critical condition and found him dead about an hour later. According to the initial findings, the girl would have suffocated.

The newspaper “Le Parisien” reported that the girl’s father and one of her four older siblings had found the little one in the washing machine late at night. According to the father, the door was closed, but the machine was not running.

Child missing until after dinner
The three-year-old’s parents reportedly had dinner with one of their five children. After the meal they were worried because the girl, the youngest, was not there. The other children are between seven and eighteen years old. The family then launched a search of their apartment in the 20th arrondissement of Paris and the surrounding area with the help of neighbors. The investigations are ongoing.

Source: Krone


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