Cabin Activists – These innkeepers tape their guests to the counter


A new action by the hosts should be taken with great humor. She and guests glue their hands to the counter and call themselves “cabin activists”. Many visitors like it and participate.

Climate activists sticking to the tarmac and in museums have sparked heated debates for months. A photo based on these actions is now circulating on social media. It shows a hand taped to a counter, the other hand holding a glass of beer. “We are the penultimate generation – we call ourselves cabin activists – we save the innkeeper,” the photo reads.

Landlords call on people to stick to the counter
In the Salzburger Lungau and on the Katschberg, innkeepers glue their guests to the counter. Peter Aschbacher from the Gamskogelhütte says with a smile: “We are the hut activists. Life is hard enough, we need a little more humor.” He got the photo from a friend who is a police officer and also allowed himself to have fun: “You have to look out for the environment, but you don’t have to endanger or hinder drivers, emergency services or lives – sticking to the road is going to just too far.”

Guests: “Four innkeepers by staying at the counter”
“We often hang out at the bar at Peter’s because we got married here ten years ago!” laugh Julia and Hermann Fillafer. And Susanna Öllinger and Josef Pleikner of Millstatt add, “We applaud the innkeepers for staying at the bar.”

Aschbacher describes the current situation as strange: “We hosts have enough to fight, first Corona, then the lack of employees and now the price increase – we are not losing our sense of humor and have now simply allowed ourselves this pleasure.”

Source: Krone


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