After handbag robbery – witnesses chased brutal perpetrators and presented him


Three men chased a criminal who attacked a woman from Vienna (67) at the Graz Opera on Friday and stole her handbag.

Actually, the 67-year-old from Vienna wanted to spend a wonderful evening at the opera in Graz. But the visit to the theater turned into a horror scenario! Shortly before she was about to enter the house, a stranger ambushed her and tried to steal her handbag! But he met resistance: the woman fought back. However, she fell on the back of her head and injured herself. The criminal took the opportunity, grabbed the handbag and fled towards the city park.

Three witnesses give chase
What he had not expected: three men (15, 16 and 30 years old) heard the cries of the injured and immediately gave chase. In his panic, he even dropped his bag. While the younger, courageous intervenors grabbed the bag and returned it to the victim, the 30-year-old took out his mobile phone, ran after the robber and at the same time called the police emergency number 133. stating the location and a description of the person. This allowed the Rapid Intervention Group troops to capture the fugitive.

Suspected Hungarian arrested
The suspect is a 36-year-old Hungarian from the Graz area. He was arrested and is currently being questioned by investigators from the Graz Criminal Investigation Department.

The victim is doing well given the circumstances. The woman was first treated by the opera doctor on duty and then taken to the Graz regional hospital.

Source: Krone


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