Perpetrators on the run – man shoots three people in gas station shop


The series of deadly gun violence in the United States continues: on Tuesday evening, a man shot at least three people in a gas station shop in the US state of Washington. The shooter was on the run, police said.

In front of the gas station in the western city of Yakima, the man eventually shot at a car and injured or killed a possible fourth victim, police chief Matt Murray said at a news conference. The gunman then fled in that car.

“This is a dangerous person who is acting indiscriminately and there is a danger to the community,” Murray warned. He could not provide information about a possible motive. “There was no apparent conflict between the parties. The man just walked in and started shooting,” he said of the incident at the store next to the gas station.

Deadly attacks are sad normality
Gun violence and deadly attacks of this magnitude are sadly common in the United States. In recent days there have been several high-profile actions that resulted in countless deaths.

Eleven people shot dead in a dance hall
Last weekend, a gunman opened fire at a dance hall during a Chinese New Year celebration in Southern California. Ten people died at the crime scene in Monterey Park and another victim succumbed to his injuries in hospital on Monday.

On Monday, another man opened fire at two crime scenes in Half Moon Bay, killing seven people. The crime also took place in California.

Source: Krone


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