External border control – The European Commission is silent on Nehammer’s request


As reported, Chancellor Karl Nehammer is in favor of increased EU support for external border protection. The EU Commission is still silent on this latest demand from Vienna.

It was not the first time that EU countries asked Brussels for money for a fence on the external border. Nehammer spoke of two billion euros needed for a barrier in Bulgaria. The Commission, which does not want to finance fences, is silent.

EU Commission: “Bulgaria, Romania are part of Schengen”
Yet. Because the pressure is mounting, and after a meeting of the interior ministers in Sweden, an EU migration summit is also on the agenda in early February. Regarding Austria’s Schengen veto for Bulgaria and Romania, EU Commissioner of the Interior Ylva Johansson said that both countries belong to Schengen and there is nothing to wait for.

Austria had blocked the Schengen accession of Romania and Bulgaria because of the increasing number of migrants. The Chancellor recently emphasized that the veto will be preserved. He only traveled to the Bulgarian-Turkish border on Monday with Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) for a local inspection.

Source: Krone


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