Clearing & Neighbors – Snow as a lawsuit? We have ten answers


Every year again: snow, juhe! And snowplows, ugh. do i really have to and can i just sweep my snow to the neighbor? Can I build a snowman in the park? Or throw snowballs at passersby? And heavens, what does my footwear have to do with the law? We have all the answers for you.

So it is with snow: hardly true is the line between pleasure and effort closer together. When the flakes fall, there are happy eyes in children, rolling eyes in drivers, homeowners and the like. Let’s face it: When shoveling snow, scraping ice, and dancing down slick trails, who doesn’t wonder if that’s really all? . Don’t worry, we know what you need to consider to get through the winter stress-free – and whether you should be afraid of snowmen.

Source: Krone


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