The wind farms Azazeta and Labraza receive the environmental permit


They will be the first wind farms to generate 100% green electricity in the Basque Country since 2006.

Euskaraz irakurri: Azazeta et Labrazako parke eolikoek iningurumen-baimena lortu dute

The Labraza and Azazeta wind farms in Álava have been given the green light by their Positive Environmental Impact Statement (DIA), as announced by their promoter, Aixeindar, on Wednesday.

The renewable installations, with a capacity of 40 megawatts each, will thus become the first wind installations that will generate 100% green electricity to be commissioned in the Basque Country since 2006.

Aixeindar is a company founded in 2019 by the Basque Energy Agency (40%) and Iberdrola (60%), which currently processes three wind farms in the Basque Country, the two mentioned and another mixed wind and photovoltaic park in Laminoria, which is waiting on your environmental impact statement.

The three wind projects have solved the connection of the evacuation line to existing substations, which will contribute to minimizing the environmental impact.

Located in Álava, in Labraza (municipality of Oion) and Azazeta (Arraia, Maeztu and Bernedo), they will contribute to the currently installed wind capacity in the Basque Country, which is 153 MW, distributed over five wind farms.

Once operational, the projects will generate clean energy for an equivalent population of more than 107,000 homes and prevent the emission to the atmosphere of more than 50,000 tons of CO2/year.

Aixeindar has also ensured that it continues to work to include proposals of a social nature for the municipalities and citizens close to the wind farm projects it promotes.

It examines, among other things, the creation of energy communities, which allow energy price reduction, and microfinance through the participation of citizens as partners in the project, in a formula of ‘wind cooperatives’.

First mixed wind and photovoltaic installation

In addition, Aixeindar plans to build the first mixed wind and photovoltaic plant in the Basque Country, Laminoria, in the Real Valle de Lamiroria, which is waiting for the corresponding DIA. This project consists of a 40 MW wind farm and a 40 MW photovoltaic installation.

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Source: EITB


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