Victims in mortal danger – dogs open door, attack Styria (70)


A 70-year-old woman from Graz was attacked and seriously injured by her grandson’s (26) dogs on Tuesday. She had to undergo emergency surgery for hours at night and is in mortal danger.

In the afternoon, a 26-year-old from the district of Deutschlandsberg left his four Belgian sheepdogs in his grandmother’s apartment (70) in Graz for a while. The man had stayed there temporarily. According to his own statements, the Western Styrian left the apartment shortly before 1 p.m. for a few minutes to get his vehicle into the garage of the apartment building. He allegedly kept two dogs in separate rooms. The 70-year-old was alone in the apartment at the time.

Woman brutally assaulted
When the 26-year-old returned to the apartment a few minutes later, his grandmother was lying in the front room of the apartment, but she was seriously injured. The man immediately administered first aid and alerted the emergency services. According to previous information from the dog owner, the dogs had apparently managed to open a door themselves in the meantime.

As a result, at least one of the sheepdogs attacked the 70-year-old for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The woman suffered several bites and cuts, some of them massive, to her arms, shoulders and face.

Emergency surgery required
A police service dog patrol immediately took over to temporarily detain the dogs. Police ambulance personnel and Red Cross rescuers worked together to provide first aid to the seriously injured woman. Accompanied by an emergency doctor, the 70-year-old was eventually taken to the Graz Regional Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery for hours that night. According to current information, the pensioner is in intensive care.

Neglected: Several animals taken
Officials found a total of four Belgian sheepdogs and several cats in the 70-year-old’s apartment. Due to the clearly neglected and emaciated condition of the dogs, an official veterinarian of the city of Graz was also consulted. He got an idea of ​​the situation on the spot and ordered the official acceptance of the four dogs and three cats.

The 26-year-old is reported to the prosecutor’s office in Graz. These include the suspicion of bodily injury due to negligence and the suspicion of animal cruelty. The multiple dog owner is also reported in terms of animal protection regulations.

Source: Krone


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