Visiting Italy – Hungary praises Meloni: “Patriotic government”


During a visit to Italy, Hungarian President Katalin Novak praised Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing government: “Italy has a patriotic government today. We are happy to work with figures who defend their country’s interests and with whom we can speak with mutual respect.”

“We have been friends with Meloni for years,” Novak told Milan daily Corriere della Sera on Tuesday. The Hungarian president was received in Rome on Tuesday by her Italian colleague Sergio Mattarella. According to media reports, European topics were discussed.

Make joint and unanimous decisions
“The challenge for Europe is to find unity by accepting that our cultures are different and similar. The common ground lies in the Judeo-Christian roots. The EU can still be successful if we know how to make joint and unanimous decisions,” Novak said in the newspaper interview before the meeting.

The subject of Ukraine was also on the agenda of the conversation with Mattarella. The Hungarian president spoke out in favor of stopping “Russian aggression and avoiding a Third World War”. “Our goal is an immediate ceasefire. We are on the side of the Ukrainians, we are helping them beyond our power, one million refugees have arrived in Hungary,” Novak said.

Referring to Hungary’s energy dependency, which gets 55 percent of its oil needs and 80 percent of its gas needs from Russia, she said: “We are working to significantly reduce this dependency as soon as possible.”

Source: Krone


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