Accidents due to snow – cars against trucks: Four injured in an accident in Tyrol


Icy roads and sometimes heavy snowfall caused traffic chaos in large parts of Austria on Thursday. The highest alert level prevailed in Salzburg, Styria and Upper Austria. The ÖAMTC called for non-essential travel to be avoided. There were also some serious accidents in Tyrol.

Snow chains are mandatory on many roads in Tyrol. The highway Arlberg, Hochkönigstrasse, Hochfügenerstrasse, Brandenberger Strasse and Jenbacher Strasse were all affected.

Total closure after crash at Jenbach
Three motorists were lucky on the latter in the morning hours. On the snowy provincial road from Jenbach to Eben am Achensee, the cars probably slipped and collided with each other. Fortunately, everyone involved was unharmed. The crash still had consequences – namely a total blockage of the L7. A diversion had to be set up.

Four people injured in Fieberbrunn
An accident around 10:30 a.m. in Hochkönigstrasse between Rosenegg and Fieberbrunn had more serious consequences. A truck and a car with four occupants collided.

Two people are said to have been seriously injured, they had to be removed from the wreckage by the fire brigade with rescue scissors. The car was badly damaged.

Source: Krone


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