Double murder trial – two women dead: “I’m really sorry”


Horrible double murder of a 32-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter in Vienna-Mariahilf in August 2022. The suspect, a 49-year-old Tunisian living in Vienna, will appear in court on Wednesday. He was the partner of the adult victim. In front of the jury, he does his best for the perpetrator-victim reversal. The “crown” is part of the process.

The jury trial at the Vienna Regional Court for the Mariahilf double murder began. For the first time since the crime in August 2022, the accused perpetrator who has confessed to the facts has spoken out. He presents to the jury his version of what happened in Mollardgasse on the night of August 4. The night he strangled his partner and her almost 15-year-old daughter. The two younger brothers of the minor victim were in the apartment at the time of the crime.

Allegedly, the partner died in a sex game
“I’m actually very sorry. I regret many things,” the 49-year-old Tunisian began his remarks in room 211. According to his version, his 32-year-old girlfriend died as part of a sex game. The Hungarian was found strangled in the bedroom with tape around her mouth.”She often wanted me to hit or strangle her during sex. And she kept falling unconscious,” he claims.

That night, the daughter is said to have witnessed the brutal practices. According to the suspect, the girl started screaming loudly when she saw the mother lying motionless in bed. He then asked her, “Stop yelling, your brothers are waking up. I need to see what’s wrong with your mother.” To calm her down, he allegedly strangled the 14-year-old. Both women died a painful death.

Bedroom door closed afterwards
The boys (ages 9 and 7) observed the attack on their sister before their father sent them back to the nursery. “What did you do then?” asked the judge, “Your partner is in bed, her 14-year-old daughter is lying motionless in bed. Did you call an ambulance?” she asked. “No,” said the man. He also didn’t give first aid, didn’t even pull the tape off the victim’s mouth.

Meanwhile, the man locked the bedroom door and hid the key. Then he took money from her and his account and went abroad. A few days after the horror night, the fugitive googled in France: “Find love in Paris”, “Introduction without obligation” or “Dating”. He left the little boys in the apartment. The next day they went to an ophthalmologist alone. She became suspicious and alerted the police.

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Source: Krone


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