“Danger to life!” – Barrier Exceeded: Skater collapsed


Since Monday, only the eastern shore of Lake Weißensee in Carinthia has been open to skaters due to high temperatures – a woman ignored the barrier and broke in. “Without a helicopter, a rescue would hardly have been possible,” said the mayor of Stockenboi.

Rescue helicopters and fire brigade rushed to Weißensee on Wednesday – a skater had broken in! “Barriers were raised on Friday and access has been prohibited there since Monday,” says Hans Jörg Kerschbaumer, mayor of Stockenboi. Because the ice towards the west bank is only two centimeters thick.

Acute danger to life!
When passersby saw the approximately 70-year-old woman fall through the ice, they set the rescue chain in motion. There was not much the fire brigade could do: “We worked and helped the rescue helicopter,” said the commander of the FF Stockenboi Volkmar Buchacher. Because precisely because the ice is so thin, a rescue operation can also endanger the lives of the emergency services.

Rescued from the ice water by winch rescue
The “Krone” spoke with Michael Ferchland, pilot of the RK1 of the ARA air rescue service. “Since there were a lot of people at Weißensee today, a man in a red jacket was able to brief us very quickly,” says the pilot.

Meanwhile, another rescuer (Wolfgang Schulzer) prepared for action and rescued the approximately 70-year-old woman using a water rescue sling and a winch. The severely hypothermic woman received first aid on the bank and was then flown to the clinic in Klagenfurt. Her condition is unknown at this time.

In any case, mayor Kerschbaumer advises against going under the barriers: “Without a rescue helicopter, this could be fatal – there is a danger to life!”

Source: Krone


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