British merciless: – No more citizenship for ex-IS bride (23)


A 15-year-old British woman who was recruited by the terrorist militia IS has again failed to regain her revoked citizenship. Shemima Begum has been living in a refugee camp in Syria for several years.

The British Home Office acted not wrongfully when it refused her entry and revoked her citizenship in 2019, a special tribunal ruled on Wednesday. This means that the 23-year-old from London, who is now 23, will return to her native country in the very distant future.

sexually exploited
Begum claims she has never been involved in acts of terrorism. Her lawyers also argued that the government’s decision failed to take into account that Begum was trafficked for sexual exploitation when she was married to an adult jihadist.

They also accused state authorities of breaching their duty by allowing Begum to cross several borders when he was a minor. However, according to the government lawyer, it is still considered a security risk.

No violation of the law if the entry permit is denied
While the tribunal found it credible that Begum was a victim of sexual exploitation in Syria and recognized a breach of the state’s duty of care when she left the country, it found no violation of law in denying entry permits and revoking citizenship. . The decision is seen as groundbreaking for similar cases.

controversial discussions
The case is quite controversial in Britain, especially because the young woman has now lost three children. The government stressed that Begum has not become stateless as she is also eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship. The government of the South Asian country where Begum never lived denies. According to Begum, he risks the death penalty there.

Source: Krone


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