60,000 euros gone – “I just thought about my daughter, would have done anything!”


One phone call – and then nothing is what it used to be. A pensioner from Carinthia had saved all her life in order to spend her last years financially safe. But now everything is gone. Many victims of the unscrupulous telephone mafia remain silent out of false shame – Mrs. K. wants to warn others. We spoke to her and gave tips for protection.

There is hardly a day in Austria when there are no victims of telephone scams – with insidious scams they mainly rob the elderly of their savings. Mrs. K. from Klagenfurt lost 60,000 euros – how does the well-groomed and cheerful 80-year-old describe in the “Krone” interview: “I always thought something like this couldn’t happen to me! That’s probably what most people will think, but no matter how professional these criminals are, I can only warn against it.”

“I’m usually so careful and don’t even pick up the phone from unknown or anonymous numbers.” That day, however, the woman expected a call and replied: it should cost her all her money.

Source: Krone


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