Tragedy in family – While house was on fire, train owner ran over


What a disaster! In the city of The Hague near the border of Upper and Lower Austria, a house burned down while the owner (55) was fatally run over by a train.

What happened in the village of Holzleiten shortly before 11 p.m. on Thursday has yet to be clarified. In one house, six people – parents and children – were considered missing when thick clouds of smoke billowed from an old contraption.

Doors partially locked or barricaded
The fire brigade had enormous problems with searching and extinguishing because some doors were locked or barricaded. It had clearly started burning in several places at the same time and there were gas bottles and an oil tank as a danger and challenge for the helpers. Fortunately, the house was empty, no one in immediate danger.

The fire service suspects arson
The police and fire brigade had to assume arson, but it was unclear who started the fire and why. The next alarm came during the operation: a person had been hit and killed by a railjet on the nearby western railway line. How quickly it became clear: it concerns the 55-year-old owner of the burning house – he may have committed suicide.

The background is still unclear. But an incident in the family is believed to be the cause of the tragedy. The couple’s wife and children were never in danger, having left the property prior to the arson attack and are safe and will be questioned by police throughout the day.

If you or a loved one are in an exceptional psychological situation or have suicidal thoughts, please contact the telephone pastoral care on telephone number 142. You will also find other crisis telephones and emergency numbers there HERE.

Source: Krone


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