Residents must leave – after the rock fall in Steyr there is no turning back


Residents must leave – after the rock fall in Steyr there is no turning back

It is now clear that after the deadly rock fall in Upper Austria at least two houses will no longer be habitable. The city of Steyr wants to compensate the owners who replace real estate. The owners are desperate.

“We just have to see that we can find a solution quickly. That’s why we will offer two owners to replace their houses. Two excavator drivers from a Carinthian company were killed.

situation is still dangerous
Since then, the rock masses have threatened several homes and residents have had to leave quickly. And because the situation around the accident site is still very uncertain, the city wants to make a first decision. “There was initial information from those affected. There is still a lot to be clarified, especially legal matters, and it will certainly not be easy, ”said city manager Vogl.

conversations with those affected
Those affected themselves have, so to speak, closed their homes for weeks, they did not really expect to be able to return to the buildings and continue to live there. During a joint meeting on Wednesday, in which an expert in the field of torrent control was also present, the affected residents were extensively informed. It wasn’t just about geology, it was also about money. The mayor promised help and provided information about the various financiers, such as the disaster fund.

Back into the house
Also important: the two most affected families are exceptionally allowed to return to their homes in the coming week to collect personal items. A farewell in parts, which of course does not get any easier. Roseneggerstraße is expected to remain closed. Mayor Vogl: “We don’t know what the second crack will mean.”

Source: Krone


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