Blow Against Mafia – 49 members of the ‘Ndragheta clan arrested


Blow Against Mafia – 49 members of the ‘Ndragheta clan arrested

On Thursday, 49 people were arrested in Italy as part of a large-scale anti-mafia raid. 15 of them were placed under house arrest, authorities said. Among those arrested are a priest and a police officer.

The suspects are charged with drug trafficking, extortion, violence, arson and illegal possession of weapons. Assets with a total value of approximately one million euros have been seized. The researchers focused on the two notorious mafia clans of the ‘Ndrangheta, Piromalli and Molé, that operate in the southern Italian port city of Gioia Tauro.

The investigation is based on tapped telephone conversations. It shows that the clans formed strategic partnerships to control economic activity and illegal transactions.

Active worldwide
The ‘Ndrangheta is one of the most dangerous, richest and most powerful mafia groups in Italy. It is said to control much of the global cocaine trade. Over the past three decades, the organization has spread further and further into northern Italy, where it regularly uses registered companies for money laundering purposes.

Source: Krone


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