Lauterbach demands: – “Vaccine damage must be recognized more quickly”


The German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has been seen in the past three Corona years as an advocate of strict measures and mandatory vaccinations, which were not introduced at the time. In a television interview on Sunday, the SPD politician demanded that vaccine damage be recognized more quickly. On his 2021 claim that the corona vaccine was “side-effect free,” Lauterbach said, “Well, that was an exaggeration I once made in a botched tweet.”

But that was essentially not his attitude, Lauterbach continued in the ZDF “heute journal”. In February 2022, the Minister of Health claimed in a discussion program that the corona vaccination was “more or less free of side effects”, the moderator replied on Sunday. To which the minister emphasized that the numbers available for vaccination damage at the time remained relatively stable after vaccination had taken place worldwide.

According to data from the responsible Paul Ehrlich Institute and the European approval authority, one in ten thousand vaccinees suffers serious long-term consequences from the vaccine, so you could say that’s a lot or that’s a little. “But it is a vaccine that protects against very serious diseases. The benefit outweighs that,” Lauterbach emphasized (see tweet below).

“Already in budget negotiations” for help
Nevertheless, the Social Democrat is now calling for faster aid for the injured. He will start a program with his ministry to investigate the consequences of Long Covid and Post Vac (vaccination damage) and to improve care for those affected. “This is a program that I want to launch as soon as possible. I am more or less in the budget negotiations for this money,” Lauterbach said in an interview. It is also about networking the experts in this field in such a way that the chance of a good therapy increases.

On the basis of the EU contracts with the vaccine manufacturers, the state is liable for vaccine damage, Lauterbach explains. Still, it is “valuable” if companies participate. “Because the profits were exorbitant. And that would actually be more than a nice gesture, you can expect that.”

Fierce criticism from CDU and FDP
The most recent statements by the SPD minister sparked fierce criticism in the ranks of the CDU and the FDP. FPD Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki told “The number of serious side effects in the ratio of 1:10,000 per vaccination given by Karl Lauterbach raises the terrible question whether the pressure to vaccinate children and young people can have fatal consequences. CDU health politician Erwin Rüddel told the medium: “The minister is increasingly confusing his audience.”

Source: Krone


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