Ukraine and Russia fail to reach agreement on opening Mariupol . humanitarian corridor


About 1,000 civilians and 500 Ukrainian soldiers are said to be hiding in the Azovstal metallurgical complex.

Ukraine and Russia have not reached an agreement on the establishment of a humanitarian corridor and evacuate civilians from the southern city Mariupolas reported Monday by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Iryna Vereshschuk.

The Ukrainian government was prepared to open the humanitarian corridor and evacuate the Azovstal factory in the coastal city of Mariupol. In the metallurgical complex it is believed that they may be refugees about a thousand civilians and about five hundred soldiers Ukrainians.

Last Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled the order to storm Azovstal and justified his decision with the need to think more about saving the lives and health of Russian soldiers and officers.

Moscow also announced that day that its military had taken full control of the city, which has been practically destroyed by Russian bombing since the invasion on February 24.

“It is important to understand that a humanitarian corridor is opened with the agreement of both parties. A corridor announced unilaterally does not provide security and is therefore not a humanitarian corridor,” Vereshchuk assured Telegrammessaging.

More than 3800 victims

The Ukrainian leader has stated that to date 3,818 civilians have died and more than 4,000 have been injured. In addition, in the context of the war, 215 children were killed and 391 were injured, although he emphasized that “the figures are not definitive” and “the figures do not fully correspond to reality”, given the difficulty of collecting data in some stitches. . points.

Source: EITB


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