Post-collision scandal – Russia rages: Are US drones collecting data for Kiev?


After the military incident over the Black Sea, the Russian ambassador in Washington accused the US of using its drones to collect reconnaissance data for Ukraine.

“What are you doing thousands of miles away from the United States? The answer is obvious: they collect intelligence that will later be used by the Kiev regime to attack our forces and territory,” Anatoly Antonov said with conviction.

The Russian state agency Tass reports this on Wednesday (local time). Russia assumes that the US will refrain from further media speculation “and will cease its operations near the Russian borders”.

The US accuses Russia of clash
An unmanned U.S. military drone collided with a Russian fighter jet in international airspace over the Black Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. military said. US forces should have crashed the drone after the collision.

The Americans blamed Russia for the collision. The US State Department summoned the Russian ambassador to the incident. Russia rejected the allegations, saying the drone crashed after a sharp evasive maneuver. The Black Sea borders both Russia and Ukraine.

Great fear of direct military confrontation
Antonov said the “unacceptable actions of the US military in the vicinity of our borders” are cause for concern. “We know very well what tasks such reconnaissance and combat drones are used for,” Tass quoted from an ambassador’s statement released in connection with the incident.

Source: Krone


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