WLAN disconnected – Aggressive gambler attacks mother with knife


A 16-year-old from Carinthia lost his cool on Saturday evening. The teenager rioted in his mother’s apartment in Spittal an der Drau and even threatened her with a knife. Reason: The 46-year-old turned off the Wi-Fi while the 16-year-old was playing a video game.

Since the 16-year-old became increasingly aggressive due to a shooting game, his mother had had enough on Saturday night and unceremoniously pulled out the WLAN in the apartment. Then the situation escalated completely.

Armed with a knife
The teenager grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then threatened his 46-year-old mother and sister. Because the 46-year-old continued to refuse to turn on the Wi-Fi, the 16-year-old threw objects from the balcony.

The teen then grabbed the knife again and rammed it against a coffee table and a room door.

The police have to arrest teenagers
Even the police who intervened could not calm the 16-year-old. That is why the young man had to be arrested. An expulsion order and an entry ban have been issued. The 16-year-old faces a police report.

Source: Krone


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