Terence Hill: “I’ve got a few rounds left in the Colt”


For fans of spaghetti westerns, Terence Hill is both an icon and a legend. With his old film partner Bud Spencer (1929 – 2016) he made many a mega success in the cinema. The sympathetic duo fought each other through “Four Fists for a Hallelujah” or “The Right and Left Hand of the Devil”. The 83-year-old has now announced that he wants to get back in the saddle. He still has “a few cartridges in the Colt” left.

Hill hopes to start filming this summer. As for the storyline, he already has a concrete idea in mind. He is also thinking of a return of his movie character Trinitá, he revealed to the Italian weekly “7”.

“The movie starts like this: you see Trinità on his famous ‘sedan chair’ and then you see her, the nun, surrounded by three menacing cowboys. He realizes she is in danger and saves her from the three. This is where the story begins that titled ‘Trinity the Nun and the Gun’.”

“I’m ready for another sunrise”
“I promised my fans I would have a few more rounds in the Colt. I’m ready for another sunrise in the Wild West,” he also told BILD.

Book serves as inspiration for film
Hill, whose real name is Mario Girotti, actually didn’t want to shoot Westerns anymore. “I thought it was pointless, I had done everything and could not do better. But then I found a book with the true story of an Italian nun who emigrated to America with her peasant family and very poor family from the Ligurian hinterland. From Cincinnati she decided to go west alone…”

So fans can look forward to a new adventure – albeit probably with slightly less “powerful” scenes. Hill, who has been married since 1967 – he married his wife Lori just two months after they first met – and is from Venice, will finally celebrate his 84th birthday in March.

Actor looks back on an eventful life
Like his later film partner Bud Spencer, he was an active swimmer and spent part of his childhood years in Germany. Hill lived through the heavy air raids on Dresden in 1944/1945 and narrowly escaped death at the age of five. The family went back to Italy, where he later studied literature for a few semesters and started filming – to pay for his studies and his hobby – fast motorcycles.

Hill holds Italian, German, and American citizenship. He speaks German well and likes it, even describing the language as his “mother tongue”. He started his career first in smaller, then monumental films such as “The Leopard” together with Claudia Cardinale. In 1967 he changed genre and started his world career as a tough cowboy in spaghetti westerns. Hill had two sons, Jess and Ross. The latter died in a car accident in 1990.

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