At Wörthersee – boat accident: drunkenly overlooked snake island


Because he was drunk, a 64-year-old German maneuvered a motorboat on Lake Wörthersee against the reed belt of the snake island on Wednesday evening and eventually landed. Fire and water rescue had to rescue the stranded.

The motorboat driver and his four companions, all of whom are also from Germany, were en route from Seefels to Miralago. At about 1:30 a.m., the man in the municipality of Pörtschach should have overlooked the snake island. First he drove through the reed belt, shortly after that the boat came ashore.

Large-scale operation on the Wörthersee
The fire brigade of Pörtschach, Pritschitz and Velden had to rescue people from the island with 20 emergency services, five boats and five vehicles. “Rescuing the people was difficult because we were unable to moor the lifeboat directly at the accident site due to the swamp and reed belt,” said the Pörtschach fire brigade. Only with the help of a few boats could a crossing with ladders and a rescue sign be set up. The water rescue service Pörtschach, Velden and the Red Cross were also present.

Alcohol test positive
The driver also suffered injuries in the collision and was taken to the Klagenfurt clinic. “It turned out that the man driving the boat had been drinking alcohol,” police said. The four occupants were uninjured. The motorboat has not yet been recovered.

Source: Krone


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