Fire brigade disabled – climate stickers played cat and mouse in Linz


You’re back. The climate activists of the “Last Generation Austria” also blocked some streets in Linz on Tuesday. However, they used a new tactic. And: A deployment of the fire brigade was hindered.

They want to draw attention to the speed limit of 100 on the highways and the approaching climate catastrophe. And that’s why they’ve been blocking roads all over the country for weeks – usually only for a short time. During the protests in Linz on Tuesday, however, the activists played a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities.

Multiple groups
Because shortly before seven o’clock, a few people met each other at the Schillerpark, only to get back on the tram a little later. Then around 07:30 several groups blocked the roads at the same time.

About after 30 minutes
About 25 activists took to the streets at Bulgariplatz and about five at the train station on Waldeggstrasse. Muldenstraße, an important connecting axis in the south of Linz, was also blocked. “After about 30 minutes everything was over again,” says a police spokeswoman for “Krone”.

traffic chaos and hassle
However, the protests created widespread traffic jams, cars were parked on the highway and the chaos was slow to resolve – much to the chagrin of many motorists.

Motorists were on actives
As a video shows, one of the drivers wanted to remove an activist. After he failed, he quickly sat down on the climate sticker. And: the protests also prevented the deployment of the Linz fire brigade. Emergency vehicles were stuck in traffic.

Source: Krone


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