Four cruise missiles – South Korea: North Korea has fired several missiles


North Korea fired four cruise missiles from its east coast on Wednesday, according to the South Korean military. The North has apparently made “significant progress” in downsizing nuclear warheads for tactical missile systems.

“I don’t see them ready for what North Korea recently described as tactical guided missiles, but we are exploring the possibilities with the US,” said South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup.

When asked if North Korea’s nuclear weapons were about to be deployed, Lee said they had reached “significant levels”. The rockets were fired from South Hamgyong province at around 10:15 am (local time, 0115 GMT).

Pyongyang fears an invasion from the north
South Korean and US forces are currently conducting large-scale joint exercises that are “currently defensive in nature” dubbed “Freedom Shield 23” (see video above). The government in Pyongyang regards the maneuvers as preparation for an invasion of the north and has stepped up its missile launches since the exercises began. North Korea launched a ballistic missile three days ago.

Source: Krone


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