Despite cancellation – drug production: pharmacies do not give up


The Chamber of Pharmacists has offered to produce antibiotic juices for children. Certain recipes have already been developed in such a way that they can be prepared individually in pharmacies. However, there are still open questions, such as the assumption of costs.

This has yet to be clarified with the umbrella organization, according to representatives of the Chamber of Pharmacists. In addition, the Ministry of Health would have to purchase the necessary raw materials for the medicines. Chamber of Pharmacy chairman Ulrike Mursch-Edlmayr recently called on the Republic to buy raw materials abroad, so that pharmacies themselves can produce the missing money for children.

Cancellation by the Ministry of Health
“We know that there are raw materials on the market right now and we know exactly how much raw material we need for these products,” she said. The Ministry of Health has already rejected this proposal because it cannot be implemented in the short term. However, the Apothekerskamer does not dismiss the issue. They would “work full steam ahead to provide a viable and sustainable solution to provide the best possible care to our smallest patients,” it said. The reason for this is the delivery bottlenecks throughout Austria.

The pharmacists say they could make medicines for children containing ibuprofen, paracetamol and amoxicillin. They would collaborate with the Society for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (ÖGKJ). In this country, drug prices are in principle regulated in the General Social Security Act (ASVG). This defines, among other things, the so-called reimbursement code, which includes medicines that may be prescribed at the expense of the social insurance company.

Certain medicines are no longer reimbursed
“The strong price pressure in combination with rising costs and inflation means that on average more than 20 medicines per month in Austria have to be removed from the reimbursement code, for example painkillers, medicines for the cardiovascular system and many more,” said representatives of the Generics. and Biosimilars Association on Thursday. As countermeasures, they called for drug prices to align with the consumer price index and for local production to be strengthened.

Otherwise, some medicines would no longer be available on the market and more medicines would be taken off the market.

Source: Krone


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