Gemeindebau-Zucht – We are on the trail of illegal puppy dealers!


Together with our own dedicated detectives, we want to put an end to the dog mafia. The cute puppy business is booming and getting bolder – even council flats are being used for breeding purposes.

People lie and cheat – and many a dog dealer makes a nice side income by selling puppies. Most illegal. And it is precisely these people that we want to put a stop to! To be successful, the animal corner “Krone” hired detectives who appear as “fake buyers”.

Clicked and bought
Hundreds of cute puppy pictures can be found on various internet platforms, combined with low prices that attract interested people. During an alleged purchase, our detective recently came across a dog mother who lived with her eight puppies in an apartment in Vienna-Simmering.

unbearable conditions
Not only that the animals’ excrement accumulated there – it was a municipal building! Born in Serbia, she was registered there with her children, so she got this apartment cheaply and with support from the city of Vienna (and therefore also from the taxpayer). But apart from two sofas, the apartment was virtually unfurnished.

Strict controls needed
This raises the suspicion that it is only used as a transfer point for puppies that are brought in from abroad. A clear violation, because social housing is only given if there is an urgent need for housing and must not be abused in this way. There is an urgent need for more control, but also strict and strict laws, to finally put an end to the dog traffickers. And buyers who get puppies from dubious sources should also expect fines in the future.

Source: Krone


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