No answer on radio – Drunk captain rams pier with container ship


A container ship carrying 74,000 tons of cargo collided head-on with a pier in the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Monday. Several attempts had already been made to warn the captain that he was speeding, but he had looked too deeply into the glass.

A port director said the ship was traveling at about six knots (about 7 mph) when it collided with the pier. The pilot had previously tried four times within a minute to warn the captain via VHF radio, but there was no response. Both the ship’s hull and pier suffered cracks in the accident.

The first alcohol test carried out showed that the captain had a blood alcohol level of 0.69 milligrams per litre. However, crew members claimed that he had not exhaled properly, so another test was later carried out by the harbor police, which gave a lower reading of 0.19 mg/l.

The port announced that it would take legal action and demand compensation.

Source: Krone


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