Environmental alarm in Wiesing – Hundreds of liters of fuel oil ended up in the Tyrolean Bach


Delicate operation for the volunteer fire brigade from Wiesing (Tyrolean district of Schwaz) on Friday: About 100 liters of fuel oil ended up in a stream and caused a longer operation.

A passer-by raised the alarm on Friday morning after he noticed a strong-smelling liquid where the Dorfbach flows into the Inn. The fire brigade then rushed to the scene with eight emergency services and immediately started fighting the damage. “We immediately set up an oil boom and sprinkled floating binder on it,” says the task force.

Overfilled tank in the house as the cause
With the help of a construction site worker and a sewer camera, the comrades then set out to investigate the causes of the stream, which ran largely underground. The emergency services eventually learned that the liquid was probably fuel oil, which had entered the sewage system from a house about a kilometer away and from there into the village stream. The fuel oil tank in the relevant house may be wrongly overfilled. According to initial estimates, about 100 liters of oil ended up in the water.

The fire brigade, together with the construction site and a salvage company, spent nine hours cleaning the course of the stream and the surrounding area. A representative of the Schwaz district administration was also on site. It is not yet clear whether the incident will cause environmental damage. A liter of oil can pollute a million liters of water.

Source: Krone


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