Attack on grandma – children bitten all over the body by a sheepdog


Again children were attacked by a dog in Upper Austria. A four-week-old baby and his two-year-old brother were bitten multiple times by a German Shepherd while visiting their grandmother.

The Sunday visit to grandma (56) ended in a drama for a family from Perg. The father (26), his wife (31) and the two grandchildren were guests. The only four-week-old daughter was still holding her mother’s arm when suddenly a sheepdog came running from the first floor of the house in Rechberg. The owner (28) – the son of grandma’s new partner – tried to stop the dog – in vain. The shepherd immediately pounced on the little baby, biting him over and over all over his body. The dog then attacked the family’s two-year-old boy. Bites his hands, torso and even his face. Only then could the owner finally tame the mad dog and take it away.

Parents took care of children
The two injured children immediately received first aid from the shocked parents and were then taken by ambulance to the children’s ward of Kepler University Hospital, where they are now being treated. The dog remains with the owner for the time being. Immediately after the incident, the mother of the two children demanded that the animal be euthanized.

Source: Krone


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