Dispute over conversion – In Lebanon, two times apply simultaneously


Due to a curious discussion, two times run parallel in Lebanon for a short time – now all clocks have officially switched from winter to summer time. Initially, it was planned to postpone the time change to April 20.

On Thursday evening, clocks across the country will be set to summer time, as acting Prime Minister Najib Mikati explained in a televised address on Monday. Mikati thus reversed a controversial decision to postpone the time change to April 20.

The change of time may not take place until after Lent
With the previous decision, the prime minister said he wanted to accommodate those who fast in Ramadan. With the longer observance of winter time, they can break their fast an hour earlier. The decision had caused widespread criticism and confusion in Lebanon, which was deeply divided by religion. Many institutions – including the Maronite Church, as well as the media and some schools – had rejected the decision and moved their clocks forward an hour on Sunday evening. Since then, there have been two parallel times in the country.

The government can only act to a limited extent
Lebanon is currently mired in one of the worst economic crises in its history. For months without a president and Mikati’s transitional government, the country has been able to take only limited action. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently stated that the country is at a “very dangerous crossroads”.

Source: Krone


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