New refugee house – Braunau’s asylum quarters are “lit up” every month.


After an initial safety stop on the controversial refugee house in Braunau, the first residents are now moving in. A security team ensures safety and strict entry and exit controls are planned.

The first 20 refugees should move into the new asylum rooms in Braunau on Monday. For the time being, only men will be housed in the old vocational school. The HAK/Hasch school center is not far from the refugee shelter – a circumstance that has given rise to concern and criticism. “The majority of us spoke out against the location and gave a negative opinion, but were not heard,” emphasizes Hannes Waidbacher, ÖVP mayor in Braunau.

safety stop
Before moving into the quarters, a security summit was held on Monday morning, attended by representatives of the Federal Health Service (BBU), the city and district administration, as well as the Red Cross, the fire brigade and the police. “We did everything we could to do it right. The maximum number of 100 people is not immediately exhausted,” said Thomas Gut, security officer of the BH Braunau.

House rules with night’s sleep
According to BBU spokesman Thomas Fussenegger, the refugees must be present between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (sleep at night), as well as strict entry and exit controls with random checks on the contents of the bags. Security is available 24 hours a day. There are also social workers, psychologists and nursing staff. German and values ​​courses are also planned. Good: “The safety stop will be repeated monthly in the future.”

Accommodation in Linz becomes a hotel again
In Linz, criticism continues to focus on the large quarter in the former Hotel Ibis near the main station. Fussenegger responded to the open letter from city boss Klaus Luger (SPÖ): “The rumored 300 seats are the maximum capacity. It is currently planned to house about 100 people and thus relieve other locations in Upper Austria. year: “We want to use the building as a hotel again. Plans for this are already in the hands of the design advisory board – and we’ll start renovating as soon as we get it right.”

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