Defendant denied – Two robberies, three years in prison


According to the indictment, a Tennengau (33) attacked a gas station and a bank in Salzburg in the fall of 2022. He denied the allegations of theft at trial on Monday in a very strange way. He was reading a newspaper while a victim was being questioned.

The suspect opens a newspaper and reads in the hearing room of the regional court, while the victim describes the attack on the Eni gas station. Exemplary for the curious behavior of the Tennengauer (33), accused of double robbery. “Not guilty” declares the HAK graduate, who has not worked a day to date and was still registered with his parents until his custody.

33-year-old had an explanation for everything except DNA
According to the prosecutor, on September 28 he attacked the gas station in Salzburg’s Gabelsbergerstrasse – wearing an FFP2 mask and an “Airsoft” weapon, a toy gun that looked deceptively real. Less than two weeks later, on October 10, according to the indictment, he similarly attacked the Volksbank branch. But he only says that he went shopping in the neighboring pebble building, he explains pompously and cynically: “For a trip to Geneva.”

The eloquent man had an explanation for everything: a note with a list of banks? “Deposit money”. Several confiscated knives and an axe? “I use different knives to cut fruit and bacon.” He prepared all this, including a balaclava and a toy gun, for a sports match. Only the DNA traces he could not explain. The appraiser underlined the ‘striking’ personality and recommended psychotherapy. The judge announced the verdict: three years unconditional prison, not final.

Source: Krone


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