Dispute over logo – clinch with peasant rebels flares up again


The design of the ballot paper for the election of the local farmers’ council in Strass im Zillertal now led to open clashes between the Tyrolean farmers’ association and the independent farmers’ association. There is also arrogance and aloofness.

It is no secret in Tyrol that the Boerenbond and the “rebels” of the Independent Farmers’ Union (UBV) like to behave like dogs and cats. The most recent reason for further differences is the election of the local farmers’ council in Strass im Zillertal. The combative UBV chairman Alfred Enthofer used both his own logo and that of the Boerenbond on the ballot paper. “Because I let all farmers vote, regardless of where they belong,” says Enthofer concisely.

For the director of the Farmers Union, Peter Raggl, this was reason enough to send a circular to “his” farmers: “The impression was created that the election was carried out with the agreement and consent of the Tyrolean Farmers Union. That is not the case.” The election is therefore without legal basis.

sign of connection
Enthofer, for his part, responded with an “open letter” to Raggl. Tenor: Because they wanted to find a spokesperson for all farmers and sought solidarity, especially on difficult issues such as flood protection, both logos were considered appropriate.

And further: “Your offended response with loud fanfare has little or no understanding from the farmers, from whatever quarter.” Enthofer’s letter culminates in the accusation of aloofness and arrogance. The signs for future collaboration are worse than ever.

Source: Krone


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