Mysterious incident – was a girl kidnapped in Leoben on Sunday?


On Sunday evening, a youth reported to the police that a girl about ten years old had been kidnapped from a playground. However, no one has filed a missing person report.

It is a mysterious case that is already making a lot of noise on social media: Sunday at 8:20 pm a 14-year-old from Leoben telephoned the police to report that he had just seen two men kidnap a girl from the “Hippmanngasse”. had a playground.

The duo and the approximately ten-year-old then fled on their bicycles upstream along the Murradweg. The police immediately launched a large-scale manhunt, which ended without concrete results.

No missing persons report so far
According to authorities, as of 6 p.m. Monday – about 22 hours after the incident – no missing persons reports had been received from relatives of the alleged kidnapping victim. In addition, there was no other witness to the incident besides the 14-year-old.

The Leoben detective therefore asks under the phone number 059 133 / 66 222 for any information that may help clarify it.

Description of victim and perpetrator
The only witness described the girl as: about ten years old, long blond hair, round face, wearing a pink T-shirt and long pink sweatpants. He was reportedly playing alone in the playground at the time of the incident.

The suspected kidnappers are two men between the ages of 30 and 40. Both are said to be about six feet high and have a southern appearance. One of them was wearing a green hooded jacket and black pants. The other was wearing a black hooded jacket and white pants and was also wearing a balaclava.

Source: Krone


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