Crash over the Baltic Sea – Cessna crash: mourning Wahlkärntner & Moik friend


Mourning in the German carnival stronghold Cologne and also in the Carinthian Gitschtal! The industrialist Peter Griesemann (72) from the Domstad on the Rhine piloted the Austrian Cessna that flew blindly through half of Europe and crashed into the Baltic Sea. The German owned his own yacht and real estate in Weißbriach (Hermagor), as a Carinthian he was also a shareholder of the elevator company by choice.

Review: The Austrian-registered Cessna 551, OE-FGR, departed from Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain on Sunday. The “carnival fool”, ex-chairman of the Blauer Funke guild and friend of the late local Gaudimacher Karl Moik acted as a pilot. Also on board the Austro-Jet: his wife Juliane (68), their daughter Lisa (26) and her boyfriend Paul (27).

As the Austrian aviation magazine “Austrian Wings” reports, there may have been problems in the cockpit shortly after takeoff.

Cockpit was unoccupied, no one else to be seen
Air traffic control would have lost radio contact. The pilot and passengers were said to have lost consciousness due to a loss of pressure on board at an altitude of 11,000 meters. Interceptors from several countries took to the skies to intercept the Cessna 551 – but no chance. The cockpit was unoccupied, no one else in sight.

The aircraft continued to fly northwest on autopilot and ran out of fuel. At 7:46 PM, five hours after take-off, the jet crashed into the Baltic Sea off Latvia. The pilot of a Danish F-16 observed the crash due to the engine failure. Wreck and debris were discovered in the sea.

The investigations continue, for the occupants there should have been no chance of survival.

Besides Griesemann’s passion – carnival – flying was his great hobby. As often as he could, he would have gotten behind the wheel of a private plane and flown to his vacation home in Spain, the “Focus” reports. After a serious illness, Peter Griesemann has been feeling well lately. Delighted, he announced to acquaintances: “I can now fly again.”

Source: Krone


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