Fashion drug – “courage to be rude” instead of cocaine use


Cocaine is on the rise in Vorarlberg. As the supply increases, the number of consumers also increases and the price decreases. But what are the causes? The experts Peter Gruber, head of the Narcotics Department of the LKA and Philipp Kloimstein, Primar, answer our questions.

In the autumn of 2021, after months of investigation, the Vorarlberg police staged a coup: the agents of the National Criminal Investigation Department (LKA) caught a drug courier who had hidden just over eight kilograms of cocaine in his car. A sense of achievement, yet “a drop in the ocean,” says Peter Gruber, head of addictive substances at the LKA. “In one case, it turned out that a man living illegally in Vorarlberg had helped organize the smuggling of more than 100 kilograms of cocaine and large quantities of other drugs across the EU in four months.” Gruber is convinced that the number of unreported cases is much higher. “We know from investigations into the crypto courier service Anom 2021 that there are almost weekly shipments from, for example, Belgium to our region.”

Source: Krone


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