Fall in love again after 32 years thanks to Facebook


Facebook brought a former teenage couple back together.

It was love at first sight when Lee Richards and Dawn Gray met in 1991. He was 17, she was 15. But then the relationship fell apart. As so often at this age, the young people’s friends put pressure on them: they spent too much time with their first love to their liking.

The teenager broke up, even though his heart really wanted something else. Lee Richards also made this decision very much. He kept wanting to call his ex-girlfriend’s parents. But he never answered the phone.

32 years of radio silence
Meanwhile, both of them lived in relationships for a long time and became parents. But the love of his childhood never left the 49-year-old’s head. Finally, after 32 years of radio silence, he contacted Dawn on Facebook.

They wrote to each other for three hours a day. After a few weeks, they met again and sparked a second time. “It should be. We just found each other again. It feels like we’ve never been apart,” the teacher describes her feelings.

Source: Krone


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