Pope receives Osoros and Omela to listen to claims of pederasty victims


Victims of sexual assault in a Spanish church will hear their complaints from the Pope. As Cardinal Omela promised them a week ago, the Episcopal Conference will bring the demands of the survivors of the Theological Pedestrians to Bergoglio. As elDiario.es has confirmed, Francisco will take over the episcopal leadership of Spain on April 6 (Cardinals Omela and Osorro, president and vice president; and Luis Arguello, speaker and secretary general) will discuss the drama, among other issues. Abuse and responses to victims’ motions.

The appointment takes place just two months after the visit of all Spanish bishops to the Vatican ‘Ad limina’, during which a full review of the state of the Church in our country was carried out. Following the report in Rome, the Episcopal Conference announced an external audit conducted by the firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo, which raised so many suspicions among the many victims of violence. In fact, virtually all of them have refused to participate in the external counsel established by the episcopal order, and are divided between those who support the ombudsman-led commission and those who seek to go further and force it through the “commission of truth.” , Bishops open their ecclesiastical archives to examine light and stenographers.

The “Cremada affair” was one of the highlights of a meeting the bishop’s president held a week ago with survivors of a two-week insult, whose demands he promised to hand over to Pope Francis. Something that will happen next April 6th. Interestingly, on the exact same day that the law firm announces the final composition of the commission that will investigate the atrocities committed in the Spanish Church.

Pope Francis is extremely concerned about what is happening in both Spain and Italy, the only two countries where a serious investigation into the pedophilia drama has not yet been completed. In fact, on April 6, the Diocese Office Coordination and Advisory Service Commission meets for the first time at CEE headquarters to improve work that many victims do not appreciate because they do not feel sufficiently accompanied. .

What are the demands of the victims that Omela and Osorio address to the Pope? In principle, all bishops should cooperate without hindrance in the Parliamentary Commission, which has instructed the Public Defender to conduct an in-depth investigation.

At the same time, four concrete measures: first, a sharp and unequivocal condemnation of the violence, with a request for public pardon and without excuse, supported by each member of the Episcopal Conference and all hierarchs. Congregations, Orders, and Prelates. Second, continuous rehabilitation psychological and psychiatric therapy for survivors; And help enter the labor market. Finally, economic compensation for damages and compensation for incapacity for work.

The Pope’s response, if any, will reach the victim directly through the Episcopal President, who will also chair the next Plenary Assembly, which is historically considered for several reasons, including this debate. In order, as Cardinal Osoros pointed out in a recent interview, each bishop is forced to “back down” and make it clear whether he will cooperate decisively with the investigation and what the relationship will be with the victims who do not want to go through. Creamy sieve.

In addition, the episcopal leadership and the Pope will talk about the ongoing episcopal change in Spain, its difficulties and opportunities; Start serious negotiations with the Spanish government to reform some delicate points in their relations; And, internally, the progress of the synodal process and the reform of the Vatican Curia.

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Source: El Diario


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