“Safe Sea Routes” – Arctic: Russian major maneuvers with 1800 soldiers


“Safe Sea Routes” – Arctic: Russian major maneuvers with 1800 soldiers

Due to increasing global warming, the Northeast Passage, which connects the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, is becoming increasingly important for shipping. Numerous important raw materials for Russia are transported there. During a military maneuver by the Russian navy, the protection of this route must now be practiced.

According to its own statements, the Russian Northern Fleet has begun a major maneuver in the waters of the North Pole. 1,800 soldiers and more than a dozen ships will participate in the exercise, the fleet’s press office reported Monday, Interfax news agency reported. “Particular attention will be paid to the safety of Russian merchant shipping and sea routes, such as the Northeast Passage, during the maneuver,” the statement said.

The maneuver is expected to take several days. The interaction between the ships and the Russian Air Force is being investigated under the direction of the relevant command staff. After all, there are also 40 aircraft and helicopters in use, as well as vehicles for land operations. To assert its claim to the Arctic, Moscow established units specialized in combat in the Arctic more than a decade ago.

Source: Krone


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