Secret service: – Russia wants to deploy more airborne troops


According to British military intelligence, the Russian army will deploy more airborne troops to Ukraine in the future. Meanwhile, fighting is raging in the east of the country.

Airborne troops, who suffered heavy casualties in the early months of the war, have been equipped in recent weeks with the TOS-1A missile system, known as the “heavy flamethrower,” according to the British Ministry of Defence’s daily bulletin. said Tuesday.

The system was previously used by a special unit of the Russian army in Ukraine to protect other units against biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. There are no reports of deployment of the airborne troops, who operate with both helicopters and paratroopers.

The fighting for Bachmut continues
Over the weekend, the Russian army continued its attacks on the front in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukrainian sources. The Ukrainian General Staff announced on Tuesday that there had been airstrikes and artillery fire. Several towns and villages in the Donetsk region came under heavy fire. Ukrainian forces repelled several attacks. Fighting also continued in Bakhmut. The Russian troops continued to try to take control of the small town, which had been fiercely fought over for months.

The leaked secret US documents continue to cause a stir. While the White House and Kiev are now talking about “partially forged” papers, US intelligence advisers have come to the conclusion that the outcome of the expected Ukrainian the spring offensive will be rather modest. That is therefore not expected Ukrainian soldiers were able to reclaim as many areas in the east and south of the country as they did last fall.

Newspaper: US government doubts Ukrainian offensive
Apparently, classified documents from US agencies about Russia’s war of aggression against the US have been circulating on the Internet for weeks Ukraine. American media have been reporting sensitive material about both warring parties for days without publishing the documents themselves. It is unclear who published the documents that were circulated on pro-Russian channels weeks ago. The US government is trying to provide clarity. The Pentagon on Monday spoke of a “very high risk” to US security stemming from the documents.

Source: Krone


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