Jogger killed – problem bear cleared of shooting in Trentino


The days of the bear that killed a jogger in a forest in northern Italy in Trentino on Wednesday are numbered. About 40 forest rangers are scouring an area of ​​about 800 hectares on Mount Peller in Trentino for the problem bear that attacked the 26-year-old runner. Once identified, the animal can be shot: the Trentino provincial government and the environmental agency ISPRA have already given the green light.

The bear tracks on the jogger’s body are checked. The rangers collect clues and are ready to set traps. Trentino governor Maurizio Fugatti wants to kill a total of three problem bears known by codes MJe, JJ4 and M62. They had been accused of attacks against people in the past, the daily Corriere della Sera (Tuesday edition) reported.

The number of bears should be reduced by half
However, Fugatti has a long-term plan to reduce the number of bears in Trentino from the current 100 to 50 because their presence poses a threat to humans. Italian Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin wants to investigate the situation. While he said he was willing to reconsider the Life Ursus project, which has greatly promoted bear reintroduction to the region in recent years, he said he would follow guidance from environmental agency ISPRA. Animal protection organizations oppose the killing of the bears.

Survivors want to sue the province
In the municipality of Caldes, the mourning ceremony for the killed jogger is scheduled for Wednesday. The 13 municipalities of the Val di Sole valley, to which Caldes belongs, have declared a day of mourning. The relatives are planning legal action, and a lawsuit for damages is pending against the county responsible for the “Life Ursus” project.

The “Life Ursus” resettlement project was launched in 1999 with support from the European Union. Ten bears from Slovenia were transferred to the Trentino region. The brown bears in Trentino have multiplied and killed several animals in recent months and also attacked and injured a man. The autonomous province of Trento then demanded more freedom in capturing and killing dangerous specimens.

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